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Assembling construction sequence calculation

The product analyses the previously defined construction schedule and assembles all necessary calculation definitions in an automated process, like load cases, element activation and calculation actions. This includes input data for calculating nonlinear time effects, creep, shrinkage and relaxation.

All the generated items are listed in a “logging” and with that complete transparency is granted. In the list it is possible to see what exactly was generated. The user always keeps full control by adjusting specific tasks in the construction schedule or by deactivating the auto-generation and defining load cases and calculation actions manually.

For example, the action for calculation the nonlinear time effects is automatically generated when concrete elements become active. The time for which the effects need to be calculated is retrieved from the subsequent tasks (when the next structural change happens). Certain additional data is automatically retrieved from the assigned material and other are defined by the user. However, the user can deactivate the auto generation and define the action and all time-dependent definitions manually.

  • Assembling construction sequence automatically
    - Element activation
    - Load case generation
    - Automatic summation of permanent loads
  • Automatic summation of permanent loads
  • Manual definition available