Allplan 2022

Allplan 2022
Buildability at its best

Optimal buildability through seamlessly integrated processes

Allplan 2022 stands for an integrated way of working for architects, engineers and contractors on a common platform – from the initial design to successful implementation on the construction site. Allplan supports a thorough capture of the construction environment with functionalities for terrain modeling and road design. For the detailing of the building model, the new version offers optimized tools for modeling, visualization, concrete and steel construction as well as functions for implementation on the building site. At the same time, Allplan 2022 impresses with optimized user-friendliness in many areas.

Major new features in Allplan 2022

You can find a detailed description of the new features and improvements in Allplan 2022 HERE.


  • Allplan now starts in the default window arrangement ‘2 + 1 animation window’.
  • In the future, Allplan will only use the default configuration ‘Actionbar configuration’.
  • 3D Navigation – Enhanced rotation around objects
  • You can change the layout border and title block for multiple layouts in one step
  • Rearranged layers in the 'Layers' palette
  • You can copy a drawing file or a layout to several drawing files or layouts
  • Automatic updating of views and sections when switching to Layout Editor adjustable

Projects, building structure

  • For template projects delivered with Allplan, the attribute set definition is now set to IFC Common by default.
  • Apart from the attribute set definition IFC Common, you can select Bimplus and Bimplus Offline. Bimplus Offline is not updated if you make changes in Bimplus.
  • In the ‘Open on a Project-Specific Basis’ dialog box, you can now export one or more drawing files individually or as a ZIP file.

Displaying and visualizing the model

  • VULKAN hardware acceleration for working windows (with suitable graphics card)
  • NVIDIA OptiX Denoiser for RT Render; images images will be refined via GPU-based AI noise reduction
  • Cineware R23


  • Priority-based intersection of different architectural components in the same drawing file
  • You can find the ‘priority’ attribute in the ‘properties’ palette as well as in the dialog boxes of the modification tools
  • You can define settings for junction lines and division lines between components in Options – Components and architecture.
  • Allplan.xml: new catalog
  • We have updated the ‘Wall Style’ tool
  • The Import Attribute Values from Bimplus tool is up to eight times faster
  • The formula editor is even more user-friendly; it provides better syntax checks
  • Palette: Attribute sets and attribute groups available
  • You can use Python for formulas and labels 
  • You can use non-string data types in formula attributes.
  • You can use as many characters as you want in attributes
  • IFC common: Reference and code text separated
  • You can use the ‘Properties’ palette to remove attributes.

Using the Properties palette for modifications 

  • You can change one ore more similar door openings or window openings using the ‘Properties’ palette
  • Door openings, window openings, niches, and recesses provide the new ‘above/below section plane’ attribute for plan display
  • IFC PSet commons preset is the default setting
  • You can select IFC PSet with the Ifc object type (no longer fixed) 
  • For IFC export Attributes for building structure (4.0 certification)

Heights and planes

  • You can define ‘edge settings’ when creating and editing roof surfaces
  • You can select edges of roof surfaces more easily

Axis grid

  • Axis grids are visible in horizontal views
  • You can label an axis grid on both sides in views and sections
  • The starting point and distances of an axis grid are visible in views and sections
  • Grid length can also be inserted before the first grid length
  • You can insert a grid line before the first grid line

Structural framing

  • You can use round profiles for structural framing beams
  • Structural framing comes with a new object type – the structural framing brace
  • Structural framing objects provide mark numbers
  • Allplan updates the mark numbers when you make changes
  • You can create connections for structural framing objects as PythonPart

Views and sections

  • The layer filter of views and sections considers the layer settings
  • You can match properties of views and sections
  • You can create views and sections by using the wizard. In doing so, you can choose to match the properties
  • Clipping paths provide handles in sections
  • You can define the scale in feet and inches
  • The US standard style provides direction symbols on both sides
  • Select elements for display


  • US: New attributes
  • US: The shape code manager is available
  • US: Area Reinforcement: You can use the algorithm for PythonParts
  • US: Field-cut bars
  • Associative legends: Analyze the drawing files selected in the filter, regardless of their status
  • Schema: You can label angles between segments of circles in schemas
  • Coupler, thread, connecting bar: The tool provides new manufacturers – BarSplice and Dayton Superior
  • Bending Machine: This tool exports couplers and threads
  • Move, Copy, Rotate, Mirror and Clipboard tools behave like the 'Move Linked'.
  • You can select automatic reinforcement directly

Imperial units / feet, inches

  • The evaluation in certain reports for the measurement units feet and inches has been improved.
  • When entering text in measurement units feet or inches, you can now select from predefined text heights, from 1/16 to 1 inch.


  • Import of wavefront OBJ files (geometry, surfaces & textures, UV mapping)
  • Improved import of SketchUp SKP files (v2021 support, surfaces & textures, UV mapping)
  • Attributes containing formulas are now correctly exported to IFC as calculated value.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. DETAILS